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Bright Interiors – Clear Span – High Ceilings – Engineered for Canadian Weather – Quick Delivery & Installation – Low Installation Costs – Multi Purpose – Industrial Strength – Stamped Building & Foundation Plans Included* – Lease to Buy

Distributors for MegaDome Fabric Buildings in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

MegaDome Fabric Buildings are Designed and Engineered for Years of Use in Canadian Weather Conditions.

MegaDome multipurpose industrial storage fabric buildings are built in Canada to Canadian National & Alberta Building Code Standards.

MegaDome fabric buildings are available in widths from 30′ to 160′ and can be up to 750′ long.

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MegaDome fabric structures are bright and extremely durable.

Every MegaDome fabric building creates a bright, spacious, safe and comfortable work environment for your employees.

With little or no artificial daytime lighting required, these pre-fabricated fabric storage buildings are designed and engineered to adapt to heavy industrial use, with many available options such as exhaust vents for fumes, or hot dipped galvanization for corrosive environments.

Designed for Safety & Durability

All MegaDome fabric buildings are designed to meet the building code requirements for the area where they will be built.

Our pre-fabricated buildings are certified under the ISO 9001 & CSA A660-10 standards and welding standards meet the Canadian Welding Bureau 47.1 standard.


A MegaDome fabric building can be used for many purposes such as a warehouse, bulk storage of salt, sand, and compost.

They are also used for recycling, fabrication, equipment maintenance, airport hangers, riding arenas, skating, soccer, tennis, farming, hay storage, dairy barns and as a storage building for just about anything else.

Megadome fabric buildings can easily be extended at any time.

They can also be sold to others at project end, dismantled and reinstalled in a new location.

This flexibility is what makes the Megadome fabric building so popular in industries such as mining, oil & gas, government, agriculture, and recreation.

A Cost Effective Alternative

Conventional industrial buildings are expensive to build and maintain.

MegaDome fabric buildings are a great alternative and can be built for a fraction of the cost, and in much less time, than that required to construct a conventional building.

We are Proud to Support Industry Development.

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